Results from the Defra consultation on sandeel and Norway pout has found that a majority agree that both species should be protected The Norwegian Institute of Marine Research has advised setting a provisional quota of 60,000 tonnes for 2023 similar to last year The Danish fishing industry will start the 2023 sandeel season on 01 April next with what they are calling “a reasonable quota” to fish Norwegian sandeel fishery 2023 uk sandeel 2023 danish frustration UK sandeel

Danish fishing has expressed frustration with the UK Government over the issue of whether or not it will prohibit a sandeel fishery in its waters

UK Awaits ICES Report Before Considering Sandeel Fishing Ban

The Danish fishing sector has expressed its impatience with the UK Government over this issue of a prohibition on fishing sandeel in its waters saying, “The British have long rattled their sabres in relation to closing their waters to sandeel fishing”.

The United Kingdom is holding off on a decision to close its waters to the sandeel fishery until the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) has assessed the potential impact. This announcement comes after persistent threats from the UK regarding the closure of their waters to sandeel fishing, a move that has raised concerns for Danish fishing interests.

Denmark’s Fishing Association (DFPO), Danish Pelagic Producers Organisation (DPPO), and Marine Ingredients Denmark (MID) have strongly opposed the UK’s proposal to close their waters to sandeel fishing. This opposition is primarily due to the fact that, following Brexit, Danish fishermen have paid a substantial price for access to British waters, which are crucial for sandeel fishing.

Danish Minister for Fisheries, Jacob Jensen (V), has conveyed these concerns to his UK counterpart, Mark Spencer. During their meeting, the ministers discussed the significant consequences a sandeel fishing ban in British waters would have on the Danish fishing industry.

Following this discussion, the UK Minister has informed Jacob Jensen that they will await the report from ICES before making any decisions regarding a potential ban. ICES is currently conducting an investigation to evaluate the consequences of closing the sandeel fishery.

Jacob Jensen reassured that he remains committed to safeguarding Danish fishing interests, stating, “I will continue to closely monitor the situation’s development and work to ensure that Danish fishing interests are taken into account.”

Previously, DTU Aqua emphasised that a ban on sandeel fishing would have no impact on the fish that consume sandeel. They also emphasised that sandeel fishing is well-managed and sustainable.

In addition to discussing the matter with the UK Fisheries Minister, Jacob Jensen mentioned that the ministry has submitted detailed responses to British and Scottish legislative proposals, underlining the substantial implications for Danish fishing.


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