CRPMEM has written to EU Commissioner Sinkevicius over the current crises facing French fishermen due to Brexit and the Russian/Ukraine war

CRPMEM has written to EU Commissioner Sinkevicius over the current crisis facing French fishermen due to the Russian/Ukraine war

French Fishing organisation CRPMEM has written to the EU Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevicius over the current crisis that French fishermen are facing due to the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. 

They have called on the Commissioner to reform the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) as it no longer mets the challenges of the EU fishing industry and to bring about the end of the fishing industries reliance on fossil fuels, and also to show the UK that they should never have left the EU.  

In the letter, head of the CRPMEM, Olivier le Nezet writes:  

“The historic rise in the price of diesel, in particular due to the war in Ukraine, is proof, if indeed one more was needed after COVID, BREXIT and global warming, that the world has become uncertain. 

Insofar as everything has become possible, the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and the fund that supports it, the EMFAF, no longer meet the new challenges of the European fishing industry. The context leading us to consider and anticipate the worst, it is therefore vital to reform the CFP in depth. The CFP must equip itself with tools to respond to crises. But it must also return to its fundamentals: Ensuring the food security of the citizens of the European Union by guaranteeing the sustainability of fisheries. 

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At the time of writing these lines, the price of fishing diesel has practically doubled in a fortnight to the point of calling into question the sustainability of our companies and the income of their employees. More than ever, the transition to carbon-free motorization of fishing vessels is necessary. As far as our industry will find it difficult to achieve this on its own, this transition is a great opportunity for the European Union to carry out a project for all of its fishermen and thus show the British that they should not have left the ship. 

The new CFP must take into account the upheavals we are experiencing, and the current rules must be relaxed without delay. Commissioner, this letter is not a call for help but a demand in return for the efforts made by European fishermen for 20 years to contribute to the food sovereignty of our fellow citizens. 

Hoping to have convinced you of the seriousness of the situation and of the need for the EU to be at the rendezvous of the upheavals of history, please accept, Mr. European Commissioner, the expression of our highest consideration.” 

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CRPMEM writes to the EU Commissioner for Fisheries over industry crisis 

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