CRPMEM calls for transparency following an oil spillage incident at the site of the offshore wind farm in the bay of Saint-Brieuc Le CRPMEM demande à la transparence sur le chantier du parc éolien en mer après la marée noire en baie de Saint-Brieuc

CRPMEM calls for transparency following an oil spillage incident at the site of the offshore wind farm in the bay of Saint-Brieuc

Just a year ago, the President of the CRPMEM questioned the maritime prefect of the Atlantic and the prefect of the Côtes d’Armor following the episodes of pollution generated by the ship AEOLUS. 

The 138-metre-long drill ship AEOLUS was working in the bay of Saint-Brieuc, near the site of a future wind farm run by Breton wind farm company Ailes Marines, when the accident happened on 14 June 2021.

A 16km-long oil slick was reported off the Brittany coast, after the drilling ship helping to build a new wind farm accidentally dumped oil into the sea.

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The request from the President of CRPMEM aimed to obtain a report on the impact of maritime pollution in the spring of 2021 as well as an analysis of the causes and the procedures implemented. The request has gone unanswered by the authorities.

Now, through a whistleblower, new facts on intentional spills have been uncovered and the CRPMEM have requested the French State finally ensures total transparency on this issue.

These offshore wind energy projects have an independent Scientific Council, which CPRMEM claims has never had the means to work effectively. They are only questioned on subjects that the State or the wind promoter are willing to submit to him. Moreover, it has always been denied access to information on the various types of pollution generated by the site. This situation is unacceptable, says the CRPMEM.

The lack of transparency relating to pollution also calls into question the coordination and environmental monitoring of the site, missions entrusted to the promoter within the framework of the authorisations granted to it. CRPMEM says the Fisheries Committees expect the authorities to provide, as soon as possible, concrete solutions so that this surveillance is carried out by experts independent of the promoter.

Olivier LE NEZET assures: “I will not content myself with documents emanating solely from the project leader and I ask that the elements be appraised by the Scientific Council of the project and by independent experts. This is, in my opinion, the only way to be able to objectify these facts and bring the transparency that has been sorely lacking in this project from the start.”

In the meantime, the CRPMEM is once again requesting the suspension of the works until all the clarifications have been provided.

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CRPMEM asks for transparency on offshore wind farm site

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