The Commissioners of Irish Lights issues Notices to Mariners regarding damage of Aids to Navigation, AIS/AtoN and the discontinuation DPGS

The Commissioner of Irish Lights has issues a Notice to Mariner on a “General Lighthouse Authorities 2025 Aids to Navigation Review”

In a notice to mariners issued today, Monday 04 March 2024, the Commissioners of Irish Lights have declared their intention to conduct a comprehensive review of Aids to Navigation (AtoN) provision along the coasts of Ireland and the UK in 2024.

The results of this review are slated for publication in 2025 and will shape the General Lighthouse Authorities’ (GLA) work plans for the subsequent five years.

The GLA, responsible for maintaining an extensive and sustainable AtoN network for general navigation, will scrutinize all AtoN, including lighthouses, buoys, beacons, racons, and AIS AtoN, both individually and as part of larger systems. This initiative aligns with the SOLAS Convention’s mandate to provide Aids to Navigation commensurate with maritime traffic volume and associated risks.

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User input is considered crucial for the success of this review, and marine stakeholders are invited to contribute their insights on various aspects, including:

– The utility and user-friendliness of existing Aids to Navigation provided by the GLAs

– Proposed requirements for new Aids to Navigation

– The composition of Aids to Navigation, encompassing various elements such as lighthouses, buoys, beacons, racons, and AIS AtoN

– The potential benefits of additional data from AtoN, such as meteorological information

– The effectiveness of systems disseminating information related to Aids to Navigation

– Any other issues pertinent to Aids to Navigation


Those wishing to provide comments regarding Aids to Navigation around Ireland can do so by addressing their submissions to mailto:[email protected]

Yvonne Shields O’Connor, Chief Executive of the Commissioners of Irish Lights, emphasised the importance of user feedback in ensuring the efficacy and relevance of Aids to Navigation, reinforcing the commitment to maritime safety and navigation excellence.

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