The Clogherhead RNLI Lifeboat with the 10m fishing vessel with two fishermen onboard under tow. Photo: R116

The Clogherhead RNLI Lifeboat with the 10m fishing vessel with two fishermen onboard under tow. Photo: R116

Clogherhead RNLI came to the aid of two fishermen yesterday morning, Thursday 12 January after their 10m boat encountered steering difficulties and began to drift out to sea.

The volunteer lifeboat crew were requested to launch their all-weather Shannon class lifeboat at 10.30am following a request by the Irish Coast Guard to go the fishermen’s aid. The lifeboat launched immediately under Coxswain Sean Flanagan and with four crew members onboard.

Weather conditions at the time were poor with a constant south to south westerly wind gusting 45 knots once the lifeboat arrived on scene some 10 minutes later, two and a half miles north east of Clogherhead.

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The crew on the Razor boat had been fishing along the shore when their boat got into difficulty and were then pushed out to sea by the challenging weather.

The Irish Coast Guard helicopter, Rescue 116 from Dublin was also tasked along with Clogherhead Coast Guard.

Once on scene, the lifeboat crew observed that the fishermen were safe and well but that the boat was lying broadside due to the weather.

Having assessed the situation, a decision was made to establish a towline which was done successfully despite the weather. The vessel was then towed back to the nearest safe port at Port Oriel. This was done at a slow two knots for the comfort of the fishermen onboard who were facing into the weather. The lifeboat arrived in Port Oriel at 1.15pm where they were assisted by the shore unit of Clogherhead Coast Guard in taking the ropes of the fishing boat and securing her at the pier.

Speaking following the call out, Clogherhead RNLI Coxswain Sean Flanagan said: “Conditions at sea were challenging today but we were delighted to assist the fishermen and bring them safely back to Port Oriel. We would also like to thank our colleagues in the Coast Guard for their assistance.

“We are experiencing some poor weather at the minute, so we would encourage anyone planning a trip to sea to check the forecast before venturing out and to attend to their own personal safety. Should you get into difficulty or see someone else in trouble, call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coast Guard.”

Source: Press Release

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Clogherhead RNLI rescues two fishermen after 10m boat gets into difficulty

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