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Síldarvinnslan, the Icelandic fish processor reports challenging weather and the conclusion of blue whiting fishing in Faroe waters.

It appears that blue whiting fishing in the Faroese waters is likely coming to an end, reports Icelandic fish processor, Síldarvinnslan.

Meanwhile, adverse weather conditions in the North Atlantic have significantly disrupted the fishing operations. Blue whiting trawlers Barði NK, Beitir NK, and Börkur NK are still at sea, but vessels from Samherji, Margrét EA and Vilhelm Þorsteinsson EA, are returning to port, laden with their catches, putting a halt to blue whiting fishing for now. Margrét is expected to arrive in Neskaupstaður tonneight with a haul of 1,400 tonnes, while Vilhelm Þorsteinsson is heading to Seyðisfjörður with 1,100 tonnes. In recent years, blue whiting fishing in Faroese waters during this season has typically concluded in late January or early February.

Hafþór Eiríksson, the operations manager of Síldarvinnslan’s fishmeal processing plants, reports that blue whiting fishing has been successful recently. “The plants in Neskaupstaður and Seyðisfjörður have each received 6,000 – 7,000 tonnes, and blue whiting has proven to be excellent raw material for processing. In Neskaupstaður, alongside processing, equipment is being installed in a new and improved plant. Currently, preparations are underway for the installation of a new dryer, adding considerable value to the operations,” says Hafþór.


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