The Board of Directors of Cepesca at its last meeting have voted to create a national Association of Fishery Producer Organisations (AOP).

Cepesca has voted to create a national Association of Fishery Producer Organisations

The Board of Directors of Cepesca at its last meeting have voted to create a national Association of Fishery Producer Organisations (AOP). 

With the launch of this new organization, the sector has the objective of strengthening its interests, while enhancing the dissemination and promotion of its activity and the fishery products resulting from it.

The new Association of Producer Organisations will undertake its formalisation in the coming weeks with the aim of being operational as soon as possible. According to Javier Garat, general secretary of Cepesca, “for the sector, the creation of this organisation is a very important step to use the instruments offered by the Common Market Organisation and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, through production plans and marketing, to encourage the consumption of wild fishery products, improve communication in the sector and, in general, meet the objectives of the Common Fisheries Policy”.

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In addition to the decision to create this new association of SPOs, the Board of Directors of Cepesca reviewed the main issues that concern the sector, such as the defense of trawling , the problems generated by the lack of generational change and the disproportionate increase of operating costs due, among other factors, to the extraordinary rise in the price of fishing oil (around 105% in just one year), taxes and social security costs, as well as logistics costs and other supplies. On the other hand, there was a debate about the Next Generation funds-specifically the agri-food PERTE presented this week by the Government and the naval and Blue Economy PERTE, pending approval-, as well as on the potential impact on fishing activity of offshore wind energy facilities.

Likewise, the incomprehensible situation that Spanish surface longliners are going through was also addressed due to the impossibility of fishing and marketing shortfin mako due to the lack of coordination between the different ministries involved , as it is the only country in the world that has not set CITES quotas. , albeit provisionally, following the inclusion of the species in Annex II of CITES. Likewise, all the associates agreed on the convenience of requesting the MAPA to improve the Gestcuotas order to incorporate new functionalities that contribute to better monitoring of the consumption of fishing opportunities and better management of these and to highlight the importance of fishing agreements with third countries and the role of mixed companies to guarantee security food in Spain and in the EU.

The results and next advances of the different projects in terms of sustainability, circular economy, ecosystem management and governance that the fishing employers are developing or in which they participate as partners, such as Intemares, RED-USE II and SeaWISE.

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CEPESCA decides to create a national Association of Fishery Producer Organisations

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