Cefas are looking for more fishermen to get involved in commissioning science projects that could benefit the industry.

Cefas carry out and commission research relating to:

  • the environmental impact of natural and man-made activities on marine and freshwater areas
  • risks to human and animal health, such as contamination and disease
  • the impact of climate change on the marine environment
  • fisheries management and sustainable stock levels.

One of the projects Cefas will be carrying out is Fisheries Science Partnership (FSP).

Cefas says “We want to involve more fishermen in commissioning science projects that will benefit the industry through improved fisheries data or stock assessments and through innovative ideas on gear technology.”

To achieve these objectives, the programme will:

  • deliver demonstration projects that will help the implementation of UK fisheries policy, especially innovative approaches to the landing obligation, including more selective / environmentally friendly fishing methods
  • provide information from commercial fishing catches on key stocks to supplement data sources traditionally used in ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Seas) assessments
  • investigate concerns raised by fishermen on scientific assessments or on fish stocks not currently assessed
  • investigate innovative scientific methods and/or more selective/environmentally friendly fishing methods.

The programme will mainly support projects in UK waters, focusing predominantly on the English fisheries and involve fishing vessels able to take part in the projects.

Source: Cefas


Cefas are calling on fishermen to take part in more science projects

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