Tómas Knútsson, founder of the Blue Army with Kristján Davíðsson, Chairman of the Board of Icelandic company Brim hf, signing the contract

Brim hf, the Icelandic fishing giant has become the main sponsor of the environmental organisation The Blue Army.

The Blue Army has for the past 25 years fought the plastic pollution of the ocean by cleaning the coastline and through encouragement increased public awareness of this important issue. Brim will support the organisation financially and by participation in marketing and promotion to help increase its public profile. Brim will also be directly involved in The Blue Army´s projects by organising Brim´s cleaning day where stakeholders will walk beaches and clean up plastic pollution.

Brim says it has a long history of harnessing the resources of the ocean. Respect for the environment and the oceanic biosystem is paramount in Brim´s operations where emphasis is on responsible and sustainable fishing for future generations to maintain. Brim received The Environmental Awards of Confederation of Iceland Enterprises for the year 2019.

Kristján Davíðsson, Chairman of the Board of Brim hf.:

“The Blue Army has under the leadership of its founder, Tómas J. Knútsson, done a fantastic job over the last quarter of a century in cleaning plastic from the coastline and drawing public attention to the pollution of the ocean. Respect for the environment and sustainability is a key in Brim´s operations and we want to demonstrate how an understanding of a community, social matters and environment is a part of operations delivering a healthy return. This is why Brim joins The Blue Army in its fight against plastic pollution of the ocean. “

Brim hf is involved in fishing and processing of groundfish and pelagic stock and currently employs around 800 staff at sea and on land. Their fishing fleet consists of three freezer trawlers, three wetfish trawlers and two pelagic trawlers who all operate in the north Atlantic.

Source: Brim hf Iceland