Boris Johnson has promised the UK fishing industry El Dorado but which one will it be?

Boris Johnson has promised the UK fishing industry El Dorado but which one will it be?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has  promised the UK fishing industry El Dorado post-2026. 

One of the questions posed by though is will it be the El Dorado, the lost city of gold from South American legend or Eldorado, the BBC’s Spanish-based TV soap which was cancelled failing to impress.

Speaking in the House of Commons today, the PM was responding to a question from Labour MP from Exeter, Ben Bradshaw when he was asked: 

When the Prime Minister told fishermen in the Southwest that they would not face knew export barriers or unnecessary form filling and when he told Britons musicians and artists they would they would still be free to tour and work in the rest of the European Union after Brexit, neither of those statements were correct were they Prime Minister? 

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The PM responded by telling the Labour MP: 

“Mr Speaker, it is it is absolutely true that some British fishermen have faced barriers at the present time owing to complications over form filling.  

“Indeed, one of the biggest problems is that Alas there is a decline in appetite for fish in continental market just because most of the restaurants as he knows are shut.  

“But the reality is the Brexit it will deliver and is delivering a huge uplift in quota already in the next five years Mr Speaker, and by 2026 the fishing people of this country will have access to all the fish in all the territorial waters of this country and to get them ready to get them ready for that El Dorado, Mr Speaker, we’re investing 100 million pounds in improving our boats are fish processing industry and getting fishing ready for the opportunities ahead.” 

Luke Pollard MP, who is the Labour Party’s Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs was less optimistic about the “the huge uplift in quota” being of benefit to all the UK fleet. He tweeted: 

Fishing has been let down by Government. The much-spun 25% uplift in quota really isn’t accurate. Much of that “extra” fish is, I fear, paper fish that either doesn’t exist or can’t be caught by British boats. It really is a bad deal for our coastal communities.” 

It is believed that Much of the quota uplift will go to large offshore vessels with almost no benefits for coastal communities with some fishermen claiming that North Sea cod and haddock quotas are less than they were under the European Union’s Common Fisheries Policy.  

Boris Johnson has promised the UK fishing industry El Dorado post-2026 

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