Blue Whiting fishing has began in earnest south of the Faeroe Islands this week. Photo: Brim hf.

Blue Whiting fishing in the grey area south of the Faeroe Islands has finally begun with ‘good force’ after the fleet waiting for over ten days for their arrival.

The blue whiting vessels began fishing on Thursday night as the blue whiting shoal entered the area where fishing vessels from Iceland, the Faeroe Islands, Greenland and Russia have been waiting since last week.

The Síld­ar­vinnsl­an website briefly spoke to Gísla Runolfsson, captain of Bjarni Ólafsson AK, and asked if there was a smile on every face on board. 

“Sure, you can say that. We started fishing at 10.00 last night east of the gray area, towed for 10 hours and the catch was 550 tons. So it can be said that it starts well. We threw back immediately, have been pulling for two hours and this haul also looks extremely good. Everyone on board is happy here, as fishing has been awaited. 

“We left Neskaupstadur 10 days ago and have been waiting for the fish to move out of the Scottish jurisdiction into the gray area. Otherwise, fishing is about to begin in the same way as last year. 

“It seems to me that the fishing started on April 14 last year so it does not differ much. We just look at waiting for the blue whiting as a good quarantine. 

“There have been more ships getting very good hauls. ‘Polar Amaroq’ hoisted 620 tonnes earlier and I think ‘Viking’ had 580 tonnes. ‘Baits NK’ hoisted almost 200 tonnes last night after a short haul and ‘Margrét EA’ also landed a catch. I really like this. The look is pretty bright and I think it’s just going to grow,” says Gísli.

Source: Síld­ar­vinnsl­an


Blue Whiting fishing finally starts in Grey Area south of the Faeroe Islands

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