The Norwegian North Sea Herring fleet experienced a dramatic drop-off in catches last week

The Norwegian North Sea Herring fishery experienced a dramatic drop-off in catches last week. Photo: Roar Bjånesøy

“After last week’s record week of 28,800 tonnes, we got “only” 9,800 tonnes in the journal this week,” writes Norges Sildesalgslag after the Norwegian fleet experienced a bad week at the North Sea herring fishery.

“What is different this week is that the bulk, 6,800 tonnes, has been sent for consumption processing and the remaining 3,000 tonnes for fishmeal/oil.”

All the catches from the Norwegian zone in the are around the Coral Bank went for fish meal/oil. Even though there were a lot of herring registered in the area most of it was classified as being too small for human consumption.

In other areas north of the Norwegian zone, as in Oseberg earlier last week, there was decent fishing but as the week progressed it dried-up and the fleet moved the fishing into the EU zone.

Of the 6,800 tonnes landed to be processed for human consumption, 5,000 tonnes were fished in the EU zone east of “Bressayhola”.

The quota unit for fishing for herring in the EU zone was lifted on Friday for SUK (small ringnet vessels) on the coast, while for purse-seiners it was increased from 1.15 to 1.68.

In relation to the size sent for consumption, the average sizes in the northern part of the Norwegian zone were in the range of 190-205 grams. This is generally an attractive size for the production of single fillet.

Sizes ranged from just under 150g to well over 200g in the EU Zone, with a total cut of 168g. With relatively little herring delivered to the consumer plants in the past, prices have had a nice increase in the auctions.

“In the coming week we hope for good herring and better collection in northern parts of the Norwegian zone, says Norges Sildesalgslag. “The need for large Norwegian herring is great, and perhaps the new moon this weekend can have a positive effect on the collection.”

 Source Norges Sildesalgslag

Bad week for Norwegian North Sea Herring Fishery

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