Norwegian boats landed 3,100 tonnes of mackerel last week as bad weather hampered operations

Norwegian boats landed 3,100 tonnes of mackerel last week as bad weather hampered operations

The Norwegian effort to fish their quota of 305,000 tonnes of mackerel for 2021 hit problems last week as bad weather hampered operatons for the fleet. 

Heavy weather crossing the Atlantic restricted operations in coastal areas and in the Norwegian Sea, causing the fleet to register its lowest catch since the start of August with only 3,100 tonnes recorded. 

“We have to go back to the first week in August to find a lower weekly quantity than this week, when we received only 3,100 tonnes in the registration journal. The main reason for the low quantity is storms both along the coast and out in the Norwegian Sea,” says Kenneth Garvik of Norges Sildesalgslag. 

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“Of the days of the week, it was only on Saturday that the weather was so good that the boats could look for customs and fish with nets. So, during this period, 2,000 tonnes of the week’s quantity were taken.” 

All is not lost for the Norwegian mackerel fleet as they are happy that it was only the poor weather that hampered operations and not any real lack of fish. 

“The positive from Saturday is that the boats saw a lot of mackerel” says Kenneth, “But it was relatively scattered and difficult to fish with nets. Another positive feature is that the mackerel stood further east than earlier this autumn in the area N 64⁰ 00 ‘E 2⁰ 40’, around 130 n miles northwest of Ålesund. We can only hope that this sets the course for the Norwegian coast as we saw last year at the end of September.” 

The number of vessels fishing mackerel remains strong in numbers says Kenneth and he is hoping that the weather will settle so that full-scale fishing can resume. 

He concluded by saying, “In the coming week, there will still be a large participation in mackerel fishing. The uncertainty is the weather where it seems that in the middle of the week it can be a couple of quiet days.” 

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Bad weather hampered operations for Norwegian mackerel fleet

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