Danish fisheries believe the proposed Brexit agreement with the UK will cost their fisheries dearly

Danish fisheries believe the proposed Brexit agreement with the UK will cost their fisheries dearly

The EU is close to concluding an agreement with Britain on the terms of Brexit. An agreement that will cost Danish fishing dearly.

In order to gain access to British waters and to close a comprehensive agreement, EU traders are ready to pay an exorbitant price in the form of fishing quotas to satisfy Britain. This is taken very seriously in Danish fisheries.

“EU dealers are in the process of throwing the fishery under the bus. Despite the fact that they have repeatedly promised that they will fight for the fishery to the last. This is a deeply worrying development that could cost many Danish jobs in the fishing industry and in the secondary industries. It looks like it will be a disaster for Denmark,” says Svend-Erik Andersen, chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association.

In the Danish fishery, relative stability has been desired throughout the process, which means that fishing will be able to continue as before. This has been crucial for Danish fisheries, which catch 40% of their catches and 30% of their turnover in British waters. It has received the full support of EU leaders. Therefore, the Danish fisheries are shaken by the development, and emphasize that they would rather see an agreement between the EU and the UK without fisheries included than a bad agreement, where an excessively high price is paid for access to British waters.

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“We’ve been let down. The many promises from politicians and from the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, to safeguard Danish and European fisheries have been forgotten. Now we are being thrown to the sharks. It will be felt. Especially here in North Jutland. It will cost fishing vessels and jobs on land. The consequences for the Danish fishing industry will be incalculable. We are better off without an agreement than with an EU that sells out in this way,” says Fridi Magnusen, Chairman of the Danish Pelagic Producers’ Organization.


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Approaching Brexit agreement disaster for Danish fisheries

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