On the north-west coast of Denmark in the Jutland region lies the fishing village of Thorup Strand.

Fishermen here operate very differently to the fishing boats that enters their water to fish. The fishermen still operate in clinker-hulled boats as they have done for over a thousand years. New technologies may have been added to these hulls but the community’s attitude towards large scale industrial fishing has not been changed by time.

Members of Thorup Strand fishing community are also members of the Low Impact Fishers of Europe (LIFE). LIFE is working towards creating small-scale sustainable fishing that reduces the impact of the surrounding environment.

Here in the video below the fishing community explain how they believe the privatisation of quota and unsustainable fishing practices such as beam trawling and fly trawling are sweeping away their chances to survive.

Another Ideology on Catching Fish in Thorup Strand

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