The 28 metre French flagged ‘CAP FINISTERE’ the 3rd foreign vessel in four days photographed in a non-designated landing are in Castletownbere 

A third reported incident has been highlighted in Castletownbere harbour last night, where a foreign vessel has been photographed moored in a non-designated landing area.

The source said “The landing area (designated area) is empty right now. Why is this French boat in the incorrect area?

“This is the 3rd boat in four days to do this.”

On Monday, 11 May, The Fishing Daily reported a similar incident when the French vessel ‘Melodie’ was photographed tied-up and loading fish boxes in the same berth.

On Sunday, 10 May, another foreign vessel was photographed operating in the sameia non-designated landing area.

It has also been reported that earlier today, the harbour authorities removed barriers from around the designated landing area.

foreign vessel castletownbere

The Fishing Daily had written to the Harbour Master giving the opportunity to explain what is happening in the Castletownbere Harbour but we have still not received a reply.

The fishing vessel photographed has been named as the 28 metre French flagged ‘CAP FINISTERE’.

foreign vessel castletownbere

The ‘CAP FINISTERE’, another foreign vessel using a non-designated landing area in Castletownbere

Another Foreign Vessel in Castletownbere Non-Designated Landing Area?

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