The ‘Endurance’ under towe to safety. Photo courtesy RNLI

The crew of the Aith Lifeboat, the UK’s most northerly RNLI Station, were called to the rescue of a local trawler yesterday evening.

The crew received the call on Sunday evening after a local fishing vessel broke down, around 15 miles west of Papa Stour. The 23-metre whitefish trawler called the Coastguard for help at 7.30pm after being struck by gearbox trouble.

The Aith lifeboat ‘Charles Lidbury’ answered the call, with six lifeboat volunteers spending nine hours at sea through the night – returning to Aith at 4.30am on Monday morning.

A tow line was passed to the trawler by 9.00pm, and then course was set for Scalloway. After being towed through the north entrance to Scalloway Harbour, the trawler was safely alongside there by 2.30am, allowing the Lifeboat crew to begin their journey back to base.

Coxswain of the Aith Lifeboat, John Robertson, said: “This was a very straight forward but time consuming operation, with the help of a very competent fishing crew – who helped us carry out their rescue safely”.

Aith lifeboat station has been operating for over 80 years.

Source: RNLI

Aith Lifeboat called to rescue local trawler brokendown off Papa Stour

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