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Joe, Sully, Archie and Cameron, on their placements in the Scottish fishing industry initiative along with trainer Lackie

The Clyde Fishermen’s Trust (CFT) worked again in partnership with Argyll and Bute Council, FITA (Fish Industry Training Association) and Seafish to deliver four pre-employability placements to local young people through the Scottish Government’s Young Person’s Guarantee initiative.

The three week course started on 12 June at the Alba Sailing Club in Oban. It covered a range of topics from net mending to navigation, sea survival, firefighting and health and safety, and in the third week completion of the mandatory certificates to allow the trainees their tickets for sea. Each participant is given additional support in helping to secure a funded four week boat placement at the end of the course to give them the additional hands-on experience needed to pursue a career at sea.

Commenting on the course trainer Lackie from FITA:

“The overall intention was that they get a basic understanding of the industry, but importantly they’ve got those certificates and that in itself shows a willingness to be a wee bit forward thinking”

“Many of them I see periodically…and you find out that they are skipping their own boat….some of them, although they might not be actually skipping their own boats, have managed to get jobs on boats that are what you would call ‘high earners’.”

Fishing is a vital industry to many communities across Argyll and Bute. Not only in terms of financial contribution, but also in providing a rich culture and heritage to the region. Over the past couple of years, the industry has faced many difficulties, for example crew shortages due to Brexit, increased regulations and escalating fuel costs. CFTs aim is to encourage and enable a new generation of local talent in the industry. In doing so they hope to address some of the current issues facing the industry, carve a path for a prosperous future, and safeguard the Clyde’s unique fishing culture and heritage.

“The Clyde fishing industry has faced a multitude of pressures in recent years and we are dedicated to addressing these challenges head-on. One critical issue is depopulation and lack of access to trained crew, coupled with an aging population. On the other hand, we see a passionate younger generation eager to enter the industry but struggling to access training and afford the associated costs. Over the past two years, we have successfully secured funding to support numerous young people through the New Entrants training course, providing them with the additional support and financial assistance needed to allow them to pursue a fulfilling career at sea.” – Elaine Whyte, CEO Clyde Fishermen’s Trust

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Source: Press Release

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