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The 42 metre Dutch beam trawler, Sursum Corda UK-172 grounded off the beach at Nr. Lyngby, Denmark. Photo: Bente Poder 

A 42 metre Dutch beam trawler that was grounded on off a beach in Nr. Lyngby on the northwest coast of Denmark since Monday, 20 July has finally been freed. 

The Dutch registered Sursum Corda UK-172 had been stranded on a Danish beach for a week with the beamer becoming a spectacle for locals and visitors to the area alike.

After their own endeavours to get free failed, the Sursum Corda was left stranded, unable to free herself. Several efforts had been made to tow the vessel off its sandbank but none of the attempts succeeded. Poor weather hampered rescue efforts but the crew had remained on board throughout the week.

Last Thursday, two other Dutch fishing vessels nearby made  an attempt to pull the large beam trawler free but failed.

Two powerful tugs – Odin and Thor – from Hanstholm Tug Service were called, but refused on Thursday to participate in the attempt to get the boom trawler free because the weather was too bad with wind and waves.

On Friday morning, the two Danish tugs are no longer off the beach at Nr. Lyngby. Instead, they sailed to Skagen and Frederikshavn, respectively.

Yesterday morning, North Jutland Police asked people to leave the beach at Nørre Lyngby, while another attempt was made to pull the grounded beam trawler free.

A dredger was used to dig a trench into the stranded trawler with the plan that two ships who were to pull it free to pull could get closer.

The work of pulling the stranded trawler free was handled by the Dutch fishermen and the insurance company who kept the Defense Operations Centre informed about the operation.

The Sursum Corda UK-172 was towed to Thyboron on the west coast of Denmark where it will undergo safety checks before it is allowed to go back to sea under its own power.

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42 metre Dutch beam trawler stranded off Denmark beach finally freed

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