In 2018, £25.2 millions worth of fish was landed in fishing ports around Northern Ireland.

Information from the Fisheries Administration UK revealed that it was a significant drop in income from 2017 when £29.2 millions worth of fish was landed.

Nephrops (prawns) were still the biggest catch for fishermen in Northern Ireland in 2018 with £11.9 million worth landed but this figure was down from 2018 when 6,200 tonnes worth £14.7 million was landed. The value of Nephrops landed has been dropping since 2016.

Other shellfish with a high value was Scallops where 1,000 tonnes was landed for a value of £2.3 million; down on 2017 when there was 1,100 tonnes worth £3.1 million landed.

Crab fishing accounted for 1,300 tons worth a value of £2.2 million in 2018. The value of crab has increased from 2017 when 1,100 tonnes of crabs or landed worth £1.6 million. 

Mackerel fishing 2,400 tonnes worth £2.3 million which was 200 tonnes (2,600t) less than 2017 when it was worth £2.5m. 

Herring fisheries 3,800 tons landed worth £1.3m in 2017. In 2018, 5,200 tonnes of the silver darlings were landed worth £1.8 million.

In demersal fisheries, the biggest money-maker was Haddock with 1,600 tonnes landed accounting for £2.1m in 2018, which was an increase on 2017 when 1,300 tons was landed for £1.9m.

Monkfish/Anglerfish landed was worth £400,000 (200 tonnes) in 2018 down on 2017 when £1.5m (600 tonnes) was landed.

Cod and Hake were tied in 2018 was 100 tons each reckoning £300,000 respectively. This was a 100% increase for Cod as in 2017 as none of the stock was fished but marked a decrease for Hake from 2017 when 200 tons was landed for £400,000. 

In 2018 it was recorded that 686 people were regularly employed in the fishing industry in Northern Ireland, with 168 part-time workers giving a total employment of 854 people employed throughout the industry.

£25.2 million worths of fish was landed in NI fishing ports

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