Norwegian Sandeel fisheries recorded 22,800 tonnes landed last week

The Norwegian sandeel season is now in full swing with the fishing fleet having landed 22,800 tonnes during last week’s fisheries.

Norway has set a quota of 70,000 tonnes for the 2020 season.

This 22,800 tonnes caught so far is divided into 23 catches, where four boats have had two trips in the same week.

Fishing has taken place in various areas, where the main activities at the beginning of the week were at Inner Shoal.

Throughout the week, the boats split between these grounds and the West Bank, which is further north-east. In addition, some boats tried their luck at Klondyke this weekend, where ‘Sille Marie’ reported her third sibling load for the week on Sunday evening.

All catches, except one destined for Denmark, are being sold to Norwegian fish meal/oil factories from Egersund in the south to Ålesund in the north. 

It is reported from the factories that the fat percentage is relatively low, with analyzes of around 3% for fish taken just over a week ago. Fat content is expected to rise rapidly, and where summer and sun help extra.

A spokesperson for Norge Sildelaget said “Since the opening of the fishing on April 15, 29,700 tonnes have been fished, and we still have a few days left of the month. We have to go back to 2002 to find better sandeel fishing in April, when 64,800 tonnes were registered. This year, a total of 176,900 tonnes were fished, with 57,000 tonnes taken in the EU zone.”

With such good fishing, a couple of boats have already taken their allocated quotas based on the provisional set total quota of 70,000 tonnes. “Eros”, which is hired by the Institute of Marine Research, started the annual two-boat trip this week, where a peak result is expected in mid-May.

In the EU zone, where Norwegian boats have no quota, fishing has been good for Danish and Swedish boats. From the opening on 1 April, the boats have trawled in the Danish sector on par with the West Bank. In the latter part of the week, the boats have moved onto the Doggerbank, which is located in the UK sector.

The spokesperson concluded by saying “We are still expecting good traction in sailing fishing in the coming week as most of the boats with rights in this fishery are engaged in their fishing.”

Source: Norge Sildelaget 

22,800 tonnes of Sandeel landed in Norwegian fisheries last week

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