is&efpo agrifish statement 2021 Marine Notice on the Minimum Safety and Health Requirements for Improved Medical Treatment on Board Vessels issued

The IS&EFPO have issued a statement on the outcome of the AGRIFISH Council 2021

The Irish South and East Fish Producer’s Organisation (IS&EFPO) have issued a statement on the outcome of the AGRIFISH Council 2021 held in Brussels from Sunday, 12 December to Tuesday morning, 14 December.

In their statement they say:

“The annual December Council setting fishing opportunities for 2022 has concluded with provisional TACs set to be applied for the first three months of 2022 if agreement is not reached with the UK by the end of the year.

“Should this occur it will make managing our demersal fisheries more difficult in particular in mixed fisheries where Cod 7b to k, Whiting 7a and Cod 6a stocks are on bi catch quota because of zero TAC advice. Like last year most other demersal TACs will be at 25% of 2021 values for the first quarter of 2022. To help alleviate this situation the Minister has negotiated some seasonal allocations to allow for fisheries dependant on the first quarter of the year, in the case of demersal fisheries these are porcupine nephrops at 50% and Celtic sea whiting at 85% to allow for the spring fishery.

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“Ireland shares all bar three stocks with the UK and this leaves us particularly vulnerable in TAC setting under the Trade and Co-Operation Agreement (TCA). When TACs are not agreed between the EU and the UK by the 10th December the parties under the terms of the TCA are to redouble their efforts to reach agreement by the 20th December, however we consider that the system needs a reset in this area and that the dialogue with the UK and the opportunity for stakeholder involvement should commence earlier in the year given the difficulty in attaining any agreement with the UK.

“We acknowledge the achievement of the Minister and his team in securing a commitment from the commission to examine the EU mackerel transfer to Denmark under a historical agreement with Norway. However we do not understand the Commissions willingness to accept overfishing of mackerel by Norway and the Faroe Islands. The commission have had no issue in withdrawing Ireland’s control plan and forcing every fisherman in Ireland to weigh fish on the piers and harbours around our coast without warning or evidence of wrongdoing, while turning a blind eye to the massive overfishing of mackerel by Norway and the Faroe Islands. We the ISEFPO support the Minister in insisting that the EU must be prepared to take all appropriate measures if this behaviour reoccurs in 2022.”

Source: Press Release

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