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The Fishing Daily wishes to apologise to Ms Claire Callanan and the Marine Casualty Investigation Board over the below statement that was published in the article “Misconduct in Public Office Investigation launched into DTTS and MCIB” which was published on the 30 July 2020.

The article stated, inter alia, that:

Following the ECJ Judgment (09 July 2020) Mr Kingston, maritime expert, Mr Ciaran McCarthy B.L, (quote below) and family members of victims called for an immediate public inquiry into all MCIB investigations and the approach of the State into implementing maritime safety regulations, and the immediate resignation of the Chief Surveyor, DTTAS Assistant Secretary (Marine) Deirdre O Keeffe, and MCIB Chair, Ms Claire Calnan [sic], for supporting this illegal position, which they say, has caused a failure to learn lessons from maritime accidents, and further death, which, as the ECJ Judgement explains is the fundamental reason for an independent MCIB.”

The fact is the CJEU made no finding of any illegal conduct by the Board that could be classified as inappropriate in any way. The failure by Ireland to fully implement Directive 2009/18 EC could not have been caused by any action of the MCIB or its Board members.

As editor it was my responsibility and again I apologise as the piece from the article is inaccurate and I did not mean to cause offence to or misrepresent Ms Callanan or any member of the MCIB.

The offending section will be removed from the article and even stricter due care will be taken in future when receiving articles from third parties.

Again, my sincerest apologies to Ms Callanan and the hard-working members of our Marine Casualty Investigation Board.

Oliver McBride,


The Fishing Daily

Brian J McMullin Solicitors
MMG Welding Killybegs

The Fishing Daily wishes to issue an apology to Ms Callanan and MCIB

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