SFPA notify fishing industry of work 48-hour stoppage on 26-27 January

SFPA has notified the fishing industry of work 48-hour stoppage on 26-27 January

The SFPA has been notified by Forsa of a 48-hour work stoppage by members within the SFPA on Wednesday, January 26and Thursday, January 27, 2022. 

The SFPA is making best efforts to minimise the impact on industry from this industrial action, putting contingency plans in place for its duration.

Please note the following:

Landing authorisations:

Seamus Gallagher, Director of Operations will be the On-Call Manager Tel: +353(87)6359385

ERS and Third Country landing authorisations:

Contact the Fisheries Monitoring Centre (FMC) Tel: 021 437 8752 or email FMC@defenceforces.ie .

For Third Country Landings into Ireland the normal procedures should be adhered to. Contact Seamus Gallagher if any issues arise.

AFIT and Seafood Safety Emergencies:

The SFPA will monitor the AFIT system for import clearing and will also respond to any reports of seafood safety emergencies that might arise.

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Catch Certificates:

The SFPA will not have staff available to issue Catch Certificates for vessels landing into non-EU member states during this Industrial Action. The SFPA recommend vessels land into ports in other EU countries.

Catch certificates for exports of products landed into and processed in Ireland will be issued. Please contact Seamus Gallagher.

Health Certificates:

Health Certificate applications should be sent as normal to the port offices and Seamus Gallagher should be copied on the email at seamus.gallagher@sfpa.ie

The SFPA remains committed to seeking as early a resolution to matters as possible. The SFPA appreciate that these stoppages may disrupt the SFPA’s services. Notwithstanding that and any potential inconvenience, it is possible for the industry to plan around the work stoppages, and we acknowledge and welcome industry’s assurances regarding its assistance and co-operation at this time.  

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SFPA notify fishing industry of work 48-hour stoppage on 26-27 January

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