The SFPA has submitted their revised Control Plan to the EU Commission following consultation with the Irish fishing industry

The SFPA has submitted their revised Control Plan to the EU Commission following consultation with the Irish fishing industry

The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) announced an online consultation on 04 of June 2021, to gather feedback and opinion on a draft revised control plan for a derogation to weigh fish after transport in Ireland.  

Submissions were invited on the content, scope and implementation of the draft plan and those received before the deadline of 18 of June 2021 would be used to inform the final document to be submitted to the EU Commission for its approval. 

The SFPA was considering the submission of a new Control plan to the European Commission following the decision of the European Commission to revoke with immediate effect Ireland’s Control Plan thereby removing the derogation for the fishing industry to weigh fishery products following transport away from the place of landing. Currently all fishery products must be weighed at the place of landing before those products are transported, held in storage or sold. Sample weighing for certain fishery products landed in standardised boxes continues to be permitted. 

The SFPA received 21 written submissions to the consultation. The submissions were received from a wide variety of groups including Producer Organisations, Seafood Industry representatives and Seafood Companies. Submissions were also received from individuals working in the Seafood Sector. 

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The majority of submissions related to the non-inclusion of Pelagic landings by fishing vessels greater than 10 metres in draft Control Plan, with the SFPA being asked to revise the plan by including these pelagic Landings. Submissions were also received highlighting practical difficulties for fishers in having to weigh fish at landing. 

The SFPA took the submissions into account whilst developing a new Control plan and that Plan has been submitted to the European Commission for their consideration. 

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SFPA has submitted revised Control Plan to EU Commission after consultation

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