Minister Charlie McConalogue TD, told the AGRIFISH Council that fisheries imbalance needs to be redressed

Minister Charlie McConalogue TD, told the AGRIFISH Council that fisheries imbalance needs to be redressed

Speaking at today’s EU AGRIFISH Council, Irish Minister for Agriculture Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue TD, raised the issue of fishing opportunities for the Irish fleet in 2022.

The Minister was in Luxembourg discussing the Common Agriculture Policy which fishing early. Taking the opportunity to raise the quota issue the Minister intervened and told his Council colleagues from across the EU that the Common Fisheries Policy had to be reviewed and that the Irish fishing industry needed to be fairly compensated for the effects of Brexit, along with redressing the imbalance of burden sharing resulting from the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

He told the AGRIFISH Council, “The Common Fisheries Policy review must take stock of the disproportionate impacts imposed on the Irish fishing industry by Brexit and the outcome of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

“Ireland will be seeking changes that compensate for the imbalance in the transfers to the United Kingdom under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.”

The Irish fishing industry was hit by a loss of 26% of their quotas from UK waters in the TCA, a proportion much higher than suffered by their EU neighbours of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Portugal. Director-General of DG MARE, Charlina Vitcheva said Ireland had to suffer a higher portion of the pain due to its proximity to the UK, something which has agitated the Irish fishing industry due to the EU’s position on relative stability and burden sharing.

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The EU Commission has proposed compensation to fishers for the loss of earnings du to the TCA but many in the industry believe the monies will be used to decommission more Irish fishing vessels, leading to the eventual shutting down of the industry.

Last Wednesday 23 June, Irish fishers gathered in Dublin to demonstrate against the EU Commission’s treatment of the fishing industry and have demanded the Government take action to ensure the future of the fishing industry.

After the rally, Minister McConalogue met with five representatives from the industry and received a petition on behalf of the demonstrators.

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McConalogue tells AGRIFISH Council fisheries imbalance needs to be redressed

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