The MCIB has issued their Report into the sinking of the FV Alize (above), Marine Notice No. 53 of 2021 - Hazards associated with trawling on small fishing vessels

Marine Notice No. 53 of 2021 – Hazards associated with trawling on small fishing vessels

Marine Notice No. 53 of 2021 Notice to all Fishing Vessel Owners, Operators, Skippers and Fishers  

The Department of Transport wishes to bring to the attention of all Fishing Vessel Owners, Operators, Skippers and Fishers a recent report published by the Marine Casualty Investigation Board (MCIB) into the marine casualty involving the fishing vessel “FV Alize” off Hook Head, Co. Wexford on 04 January2020.The fatal incident resulted in the vessel less than 15 meters sinking. The full report may be obtained from the website of the MCIB at 

In response to the recommendations of the MCIB report, the Department of Transport reminds all Fishing Vessel Owners, Operators and Skippers and crew of fishing vessels of the hazards associated with Trawling including beam trawling and scallop dredging.  

The Department recommends the following safety measures for all voyages that involve trawling or beam trawling:  


  • Beforedeparture the Skipper should ensure that sufficient crew members with the necessary experience in handling the vessel and for operating the trawling equipment are present onboard. 
  • All watchkeepers should be aware of the conditions that can affect the stability reservesof the vessel including the use of fuel, stowage of fish and the effects of entrapped water when scuppers are restricted by debris or gear. 
  • Crew working on deck should be aware ofthe dangers of equipment failure and the necessary precautions they should take to avoid injury. Winch operators should have received training in the related operations and the necessary actions to take in an emergency. 
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Brian J McMullin Solicitors

Beam Trawling 

  • A fully experienced beam trawler crew should operate the vessel.
  • Owners should identify the minimum required number of crew required to safely engage inbeam trawling operations, including in relation to minimising risks associated with retrieving dredges etc. The vessel should never engage in beam trawling without such minimum numbers of experienced crew onboard.  

Owners are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that at all times their vessel is maintained and operated in accordance with the requirements of the applicable Regulations or Code of Practice for Fishing Vessels less than 15 m in length overall.  If for any reason the vessel does not continue to comply with any of these requirements, the owner must immediately notify the Authorised Person who issued the Declaration of Compliance or the Marine Survey Office as appropriate. 

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Marine Notice – Hazards associated with trawling on small fishing vessels

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