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Irish fishing news covers all the fishing ports in the industry such as Burtonport in Co Donegal. Photo: Oliver McBride

Irish fishing news became popular in 1964 when The Irish Skipper, founded by Arthur Reynolds, became the first printed monthly newspaper/journal dedicated solely to the Irish fishing industry

Arthur Reynolds, originally from Dun Laoghaire, Dublin remains one of the most important figures in Irish fishing news. He is now resident in Bergen, Norway but remains an avid advocator of the Irish fishing industry.

Another important and influencial figure in Irish fishing industry news was Tony O’Callaghan (RIP) who hailed from Killybegs. A former editor with The Irish Skipper, Tony founded the ever popular Marine Times in (year to be added).

Unfortunately for the fishing industry and his avid readers, Tony passed away in April 2018 in Killybegs.

In 2009, The Irish Skipper was bought by Mara Media, in Annagry, Co Donegal, where it was rebranded to The Skipper with the Skipper EXPOs becoming the central focus of the business. The Skipper covers both the fishing industry and aquaculture industry and was expanded to be the leading journal for the fishing industry in Ireland and the UK. The magazine can be clearly identified by the super glossy green cover accompanied by a photograph from some activity in the industry.

The Marine Times is currely edited by Mark McCarthy, along with sub-editor Tom MacSweeney.

The Marine Times has a long-standing tradition of being the grassroots editorial for the marine industries in Ireland. With a wide range of news and opinion, the Marine Times has remains a monthly newspaper dedicated to the tradition of news writing.

The Fishing Daily, founded in 2020 by former Skipper editor, Oliver McBride is the first online publication dedicated to the industry. Unlike other publications, The Fishing Daily does not cover aquaculture which is deemed not to be ‘fishing’ and it does not produce a printed copy.

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Irish Fishing News – A history of Irish Fishing Industry News

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