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The last haul of the mackerel research expedition around Iceland. Photo: Svanhildur Egilsdóttir

The research vessel Árni Friðriksson is on its way home after completing its participation in the annual pelagic ecosystem expedition in thenorthern seas around Iceland during the summer (IESSNS, International Ecosystem Summer Survey in the Nordic Seas) which began on 1 July.
During Árni’s expedition around the country, 65 trawlers have been taken and sailed for 5,400 nautical miles or 10,000 km. Sea measurements were also made and baits were taken at most of the trawling stations.

Árni studied the distribution and density of mackerel, herring and blue whiting in Icelandic territorial waters to the north, northeast and south of the country, while the Faroe Islands covered Icelandic jurisdiction to the east and Greenland to the west (still under research). Preliminary results show that the amount of mackerel in Icelandic territorial waters is much less than in recent years. Similarly, less blue whiting was measured this year compared to previous years, while the amount of herring is similar to recent years. A total of 403 roe fish were also tagged in the expedition.

In addition to research on the pelagic ecosystem, there was an extensive collection of samples from the Mediterranean Ocean Act south of Iceland for two international research projects in which the MRI participates, SUMMER ( ) and MEESO ( ). It is to be hoped that these projects will provide new and important knowledge of the deep-sea ecosystem of the Icelandic Deep and the Irminger Sea.

The weather was less favorable for research this summer than before and wave height and wind thus affected the research for 10 of the 28 days of the expedition.

Data from the six ships participating in the expedition will be compiled and analyzed from mid-August, and the results of that work will then be presented at the end of August.

Source: Harfrannsóknastofnun

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Research in northern seas show less mackerel off Iceland this summer

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