Killybegs Harbour in Donegal, receives fishing vessels come from Ireland and Europe

Killybegs Harbour in Co Donegal is the largest fishing port in Ireland boasting some of the most modern companies and fishing vessels in the industry.

Killybegs is a long-established fishing town dating back to the seventeenth century. It’s one of the best natural harbours on this coast. It is accessible in all weathers, day and night. Vessels using the harbour range from 10 metres to 200 metres, from fishing vessels to cargo ships and most recently oil supply vessels, servicing the oil and gas industry offshore. Due to the promising results for oil surveys it is expected that this type of traffic will increase in the near future. More recently cruise ships have been calling to the harbour.

Killybegs boats a diverse range of marine manufacturing businesses from boatbuilding to metal fabrication, and from cranes to sea pumps Their products are transported across the world to be fitted to fishing vessels.

What Killybegs is renowed throughout the world is for it’s fish. Killybegs is the largest exporter of pelagic fish in Ireland with makerel and herring products travelling to countries like Nigeria in Africa and as far away as Japan in far-east Asia. Fish product is in high demand and from Autumn through the Winter months into Spring fishing boats from all over the world come to Killybegs with mackerel, herring, horse mackerel and blue whiting.

Killybegs is also a strong base for the whitefish industry with the fleet fishing from Rockall, 230 nautical miles to the north-west of Donegal, to the Porcupine Bank located around 200 nautucal miles of the west coast of Ireland. Fishing vessels from KIllybegs also travel to the Porcupine Bank to fish nephrops (also known as Dublin Bay Prawns and Norwegian Lobster). This valuable species is mainly exported to mainland Europe.

Killybegs has seen major changes since the start of the 1900’s. Where once a local fleet fished Donegal Bay into a small village pier, in over a century it has grown into a multi-national town with fishing families coming from around the Irish coast to live and work there, It also boasts a large number of European fishing families who now class the area as home.

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Killybegs Harbour, Co Donegal – The Premier Fishing Port in Ireland

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