The Fishing Daily Podcast Series 4 Episode 06

In the latest episode of the Fishing Daily Podcast, host Oliver McBride sat down with young fisherwoman Muireann Kavanagh from Arranmore Island and Sinn Féin’s European Parliament candidate, Chris MacManus to discuss the pollack fishing ban.

Young Fisherwoman, Muireann Kavanagh Highlights Impacts of Pollack Fishing Ban

by The Fishing Daily Podcast in Audio

The discussion centred around the recent closure of the pollack fishery and its repercussions on local fishing communities, particularly for young aspiring fishers like Muireann.

Muireann shared her frustration with the pollack fishing ban, implemented without what she considers sufficient evidence. She recounted how she had written to the Minister for the Marine twice—once before December and once in the New Year—but only received a response in April. The ban, based on recommendations from the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) for zero targeted Pollack fishing, has heavily impacted Arranmore, where many boats now lie idle, including her grandfather’s.

Chris MacManus emphasised the importance of such issues at the European level, highlighting regional imbalances and the over-regulation faced by small-scale fishers. He praised Muireann’s compelling presentation in Strasbourg, where she shared her personal story, gaining significant attention and support.

The podcast also touched on the broader implications of Article 17 of the Common Fisheries Policy, which aims to address the socio-economic needs of coastal communities. MacManus and his colleagues are pushing for its implementation to benefit small-scale, sustainable fishing, distinguishing them from larger commercial operations.

Muireann, who is currently studying for her junior cert exams, expressed hope that the continued advocacy by figures like Chris MacManus will eventually lead to a resolution, allowing her and others in her community to return to fishing.

The episode concluded with a strong call for unified efforts from Irish MEPs, the government, and fishing organisations to support the fishing industry’s future and ensure that young people like Muireann can continue their heritage of sustainable fishing.

For more details, listen to the full episode of the Fishing Daily Podcast.

Young Fisherwoman, Muireann Kavanagh Highlights Impacts of Pollack Fishing Ban

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