Norwegian mackerel week 33

Shoals of North East Atlantic mackerel move into the Norwegian zone but North Sea herring quota getting fished up in week 33 of 2023

“Several vessels have engaged in mackerel fishing at sea, and 15,000 tonnes of North Sea herring were caught in the past week,” reports Roar Bjånesøy of Norges Sildesalgslag.

As the shoals of North East Atlantic mackerel move into the Norwegian zone, fishing for the Norwegian pelagic boat have begun to pick up. Meanwhile, the fleet targeting North Sea herring is coming close to filling the 2023 quota. The Sildelaget Head of Communications and Strategy gives us an overview of Norwegian pelagic fisheries in week 33 of 2023.



We received the first two catches from the Norwegian offshore fleet last week, Ingrid Majala and Grimsholm, with a combined total of 135 tonnes. The vessels were searching in the Norwegian zone from 64 degrees up to 67 degrees, where some foreign vessels are located within the international zone.

The average size of the catches ranged from 414-428 grams, and there were reports of ample bait in the fish. Currently, there are 12 vessels searching and fishing at 64 degrees in the Norwegian zone, with more vessels on the way. The Herring Association expects an increasing mackerel fishery ahead.

Four foreign vessels landed over 6,700 tonnes of mackerel in Norway in the past week; many vessels are fishing for mackerel within the international zone. The coastal fleet has also caught mackerel from Sandnessjøen in the north to Skudeneshavn in the south. A total of 8,463 tonnes of mackerel were reported in week 33.


Blue whiting from the kanten (continental shelf edge):

Seven to eight vessels have been fishing at the edge throughout the week. A total of 1,879 tonnes of blue whiting were caught, along with 982 tonnes of capelin, 171 tonnes of sandeel, and 231 tonnes of horse mackerel. 


North Sea herring:

A total of 15,239 tonnes of North Sea herring were reported in the week, with approximately 10 vessels still active in fishing in both Norwegian and British zones. About 26,000 tonnes of the quota of 117,000 tonnes remain.

Foreign vessels have also delivered North Sea herring to Norway, with six vessels accounting for around 7,000 tonnes of the total this week. The catch has been taken over large areas, extending well south of Shetland.

Out of the 15,239 tonnes of North Sea herring caught during the week, around 3,100 tonnes were used for meal and oil, a small portion by the industrial fleet.



Five out of the 18 vessels with a targeting sprat have caught around 2,300 tonnes of the Norwegian quota of 10,000 tonnes. Additionally, the Danish vessel Ceton delivered 1,200 tonnes to Egersund. Currently, there is a vessel fishing for sprat in the southern North Sea.


Norwegian Spring-Spawning herring (NVG-sild):

A total of 150 tonnes of NVG-sild were reported from three vessels in the fjords near Fosnavåg.


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