UK Seafood Fund Infrastructure Scheme is now open for applicants

UK Seafood Fund Infrastructure Scheme is now open for applicants

The first round of the UK Seafood Fund Infrastructure Scheme is now the Marine Management Organisation has announced today.

The Scheme is now open for applications from today, Tuesday 29 March 2022 until 12.00pm 23 May 2022.

At least £65 million in grant funding is available through the Infrastructure Scheme. The scheme will fund projects that build capability across the UK seafood sector supply chain through investment in:

  • improved capability at ports, harbours and processing facilities aquaculture
  • the social and economic welfare of coastal communities
Maritime Systems Ltd - IVMS device under-12 metre fishing vessels

This is a competitive scheme. To get funding, you must bid for a grant.

Each successful applicant will be awarded a minimum of £250,000 and a maximum of £5 million.

The Infrastructure Scheme is part of the UK Seafood Fund.

Who can apply

You can apply for funding if you’re involved in fishing, processing or aquaculture and are:

  • a public body (including trust ports, local authority ports and public charities)
  • a private small-to-medium sized enterprise (SME)
  • a private non-SME
  • a fisherman’s association
  • a private trust and foundation
  • a trade association
  • an officially recognised producer organisation
Lead applicant

The lead applicant is the individual who will submit the application. If the application is successful they will receive the grant funding and be responsible for the delivery and reporting of the funded project.

You can only make 2 applications in the same round if you are the lead applicant. You can be part of other applications but only as a consortium member, not the lead applicant.

Match funding

You will need to provide match funding for your project. The level of match funding will depend on your organisation type.

The maximum level of funding from the Infrastructure Scheme as a percentage of total project cost is:

  • 75% for public bodies and public charities
  • 50% for private SMEs
  • 30% for private non-SME
  • 75% for private, fisherman’s associations
  • 75% for private, producer organisations
  • 50% for private charitable foundations

Evidence of this match funding commitment is required as part of the online application. This is expected to be in the form of a letter from the contributor confirming their intent to provide the stated amount, signed by persons authorised to do so.

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UK Seafood Fund: Infrastructure Scheme now open for applicants

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