MCA scrabster detention

The UK-registered Eder Sands was released by the MCA from detention in Scrabster after deficiencies were rectified. Photo: nauticalshetland

Surveyors from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) have released a UK registered fishing vessel which they had detained following allegations including non-payment of wages. 

The 36 metre UK-registered ‘Eder Sands’ was detained in Scrabster Harbour on Thursday, 2 July by the MCA surveyors after an investigation and inspection carried out in line with the Government COVID-19 guidance. 

The MCA says that during the inspection, surveyors found fishing vessel work agreements did not comply with Work in Fishing Convention (WIFC) regulations, the vessel did not have a WIFC certificate, the crew were not properly qualified.

Further, the owners could not provide evidence that the crew had been paid in full and wage receipts were not in accordance with the regulations.

It was also found that although the vessel had 20 crew, it did not have the requisite International Sewage Pollution prevention certificate. 

Abhinav Chaudhary, the Aberdeen-based Principal Marine Surveyor for the MCA said: “This sends a very clear message to the fishing industry. You must comply with the Work in Fishing Convention regulations and there is lots of good guidance available on the MCA website or you can speak to your nearest Marine Office. 

Ian Blair, Assistant Director Governance (Technical) said: “Whilst the MCA will work with the fishing industry to implement the requirements of ILO188, we will not hesitate to take action when significant failings are identified.  Whilst our surveyors have been working from home during this pandemic, we have still investigated any complaints we have received. We cannot stress enough that we will take action when we have concerns about non-compliance and no-one is exempt from that.” 

Surveyors from the MCA later released the UK-registered fishing vessel from detention after the deficiencies were rectified.

The MCA also says an improvement notice setting out requirements over rest hours has been issued. 

Abhinav Chaudhary, Aberdeen-based Principal Marine Surveyor said: “The MCA is now satisfied that all the deficiencies including work agreements have been put right and we are now releasing the vessel from detention.”

Source: UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency

UK-registered Fishing Vessel released from MCA detention in Scrabster

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