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UK Fisheries Ltd has expressed their views on future relations talks between the UK & the EU

Distant waters fishing company UK Fisheries Ltd has expressed their views on the outcome of the future relations post-Brexit talks taking place in London today.

UK Fisheries Ltd is based in Hull and operates the freezer trawler Kirkella and the fresh fish trawler Farnella. The company has invested heavily in the UK’s long distance fleet operating mainly in northern waters. 

In their view the outcome of the talks will be determined by how confidently the UK government uses its negotiating levers to regain and expand its distant fisheries assets in return for trade will be the key factor.

…“If we fail and lose our fishing industry, the irony of the government’s aspiration to become a proudly independent coastal state won’t be lost on the voters of the ‘red wall’ in the coastal North-East of England,” says the company.

In their assessment they claim there are two different courses that HMG (Her Majesty’s Government) could chart for the future of the UK fishing fleet:

  • a rejuvenated UK fishing fleet and in a maritime nation that has regained control of its own waters;
  • an expanded distant waters fleet working as far afield as the Barents and Greenland Seas;
  •  regained fishing opportunities off Iceland;
  •  new licences off the Falklands and South Georgia;
  • UK’s new-found post-EU independence and trade and fisheries negotiations boosting the economy of fishing ports around our shores and not least Hull and Grimsby;
  • new jobs, new investment, new futures for our coastal ports.
  • the diminution of the UK as a coastal fishing power was the end of a proud distant waters fleet;
  • having lost its Icelandic fishing grounds in the Cod Wars, the UK finally deprived of its last fishing grounds of Greenland, Norway and the Faroes;
  • these losses a direct result of the UK leaving the EU;
  • new fishing licences are granted to Spanish boats to fish and British-protected waters of the Falklands without first offering those opportunities to the UK Fleet;
  • lost jobs, lost investment, lost opportunities for our coastal communities.

Key fishing facts according to UK Fisheries:

  1. The fish we eat in the UK comes from distant waters – not from UK waters.
  2. The UK’s distant waters fleet operates in those distant waters.
  3. The UK has a huge trade deficit with the Nordic coastal fishing nations. 
  4. As a newly-independent coastal state, the UK can leverage its market with these nations for continued or better access to their waters.
  5. EU-UK issues are important, but not at the expense of the Nordic fisheries deals.

“These facts are key to the current UK Policy Making on trade and fisheries negotiations” concluded UK Fisheries Ltd.


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UK Fisheries Ltd expresses view on Win or lose in fishing talks

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