The Fishing Daily Podcast Series 3 Episode 24

In this episode of The Fishing Daily Podcast, host Oliver McBride speaks with the Catch Welfare Platform team of Dr Mike Breen, Dr Hans van de Vis and Dr Michelle Boonstra.

The Catch Welfare Platform - the future of catch welfare is happening today

by The Fishing Daily Podcast in Audio

The discussion centres around the CWP Conference in Bergen, Norway and the future of the Catch Welfare Platform.

Oliver asks the team on their reflections and thoughts on how the since the Conference and the feedback they have received in the weeks since.

Senior Scientist at Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Norway, Dr Mike Breen tells Oliver that the feedback has been surprisingly positive. He noted the diversity of the attendees and how constructive the discussion was. He says, “We had fishermen, we had fish buyers, processesers, retailers, NGOs, scientists, researchers in the room, and we’re all talking about catch welfare. Before the before the meeting, I thought we’d experience maybe a bit more scepticism, a bit more criticism about the concept but there was there was healthy scepticism, and constructive criticism, but it was all really constructive and problem solving.”

On the feedback since the conference Dr Michelle Boonstra, the Communications and Project Manager of the group said:

The feedback has been really positive. I think people were amazed by the things that I heard from our speakers. I think for a lot of people, there was a lot of information they never heard before. It was new information, and they are all really positive and excited to start working with those things once they get back and to spread the news in their team or to other people in their network. So, that is great. That’s exactly what we hoped for.”

On the future of catch welfare, Senior scientist on welfare of fish in aquaculture and fisheries at the Wageningen Institute in the Netherlands, Dr Hans van de Vis sounded a positive note saying that there is nothing but positives for the industry, He said:

“These businesses can be better, can be more competitive by introducing good welfare practises, by improving the quality of the catch they produce. By increasing the shelf life of the fish, and in long term sustainabilityof fish stocks, the whole industry can benefit if you’re minimising the impacts of the capture process on the whole population that’s being fished. That’s going to be better for sustainability in the future. It’s going to rather than drive populations down, it’s going to allow those populations to be sustainable. So it’s big picture stuff here and people were getting it. I mean, they really were getting it. They really saw that big picture and how everything was interconnected. That that was a pretty special moment when we realised that.”

The Catch Welfare Platform - the future of catch welfare is happening today

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The Catch Welfare Platform - the future of catch welfare is happening today

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