Sustainable Scottish seafood has been given a boost in the Chinese market

Sustainable Scottish seafood has been given a boost in the Chinese market

The Scottish seafood industry has been given a boost with the launch of a UK government campaign to promote sustainable seafood within China. 

With the theme Scottish Seafood, Nature’s Treasure, the initiative was launched with the Department of International Trade (DIT) in Shanghai with the aim of assisting MSC certified companies to gain access to the Chinese market as well as to promote sustainable seafood among consumers. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the DIT and the MSC last month. 

Katie Keay, MSC Senior Fisheries Outreach Manager, UK & Ireland explains: “Scottish seafood is among the world’s best. It’s really exciting that MSC certified Scottish fisheries are being supported to make a mark in China, where British products are highly sought after. From brown crab, scallop and mussels to white fish like haddock and hake, there is a great range of certified sustainable seafood from our fisheries.” 

Dr An Yan, MSC’s China Country Director, said: “In China, sustainability has increasingly become a key reason for purchasing seafood among seafood consumers. Our recent GlobeScan research (2020) shows that 82% of Chinese consumers are seafood lovers and 73% would like to switch to sustainable seafood.  

“Meanwhile, more and more seafood suppliers and retail companies are actively engaging with the MSC. By the end of March 2021, around 500 Chinese companies had been granted certification or were in the process of obtaining certification.  

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Brian J McMullin Solicitors

“We have been exploring opportunities to work with industry partners from around the world, not only to introduce more certified sustainable seafood to Chinese consumers, but also in order to help international companies to enter the Chinese market.  This cooperation with Scottish seafood is a good showcase, to enrich China’s sustainable seafood market, encourage consumers to choose sustainable seafood products, and to jointly promote the concept of a ‘healthy life, a healthy ocean’.” 

As one of the largest seafood producers in Europe, Scottish seafood is famed all over the world for its high standards. A number of events promoting Scottish sustainable seafood will take place in China over the coming months. 

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