succorfish mmo official i-vms

Succorfish is one of only four suppliers with official MMO accreditation for the Inshore Vessel Monitoring Systems (I-VMS)

A North East technology business is looking to haul in a big catch of new clients after becoming the only provider in the north of England to secure government accreditation for a state-of-the-art tracking device used in the commercial fishing industry.

Succorfish is one of just four firms to successfully complete the Marine Management Organisation’s extensive approvals process for Inshore Vessel Monitoring Systems (I-VMS), which are used to monitor the location of fishing boats within the UK’s coastal waters.

The North Tyneside-headquartered firm’s SC2 Gen 2 I-VMS system provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based monitoring platform that is accessible from tablets, desktop computers or a smart phone app.

It gives boat crew accurate guidance on whether their vessels are in an area in which they’re permitted to fish, and also provides the fishing authorities with real time data on whether vessels should or shouldn’t be in particular areas, enabling appropriate action to be taken against any that are potentially fishing unlawfully in restricted conservation zones.

Succorfish VMS Cloud-based Monitoring Software

Customers also receive free cloud-based monitoring software delivered by the Succorfish Enterprise grade, SAAS platform which enables them to historically see all fishing tracking data.

The accreditation follows successful trials of the SC2 system within the coastal waters covered by the Welsh Fishing Authority and the Devon &Severn Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority, and relates to vessels that are 12m or less in length.

succorfish mmo official i-vms

Succorfish VMS MMO Accrediation

Of the three other firms that have secured the MMO accreditation, one is based on the south coast of England, while the other two are located overseas.

The Succorfish device is also the only one that is fully integrated into the MMO’s Government Gateway software.

Succorfish – World Leader

Founded in 2008, Succorfish is already a world leader in its field and specialises in fisheries and security applications.

It has a 20-strong in-house design, software engineering, development and customer service team which manages all aspects of clients’ technology requirements, and also provides bespoke training programmes where required.

It’s hardware is designed and manufactured in North Shields, with stock held in fishing ports across the UK, and it is also being successfully used by customers as far afield as Norway, Malta, the US, Australia and New Zealand.

succorfish mmo official i-vms

Mark Ward, operations manager at Succorfish, says: “With a clear industry focus on fully-documented fisheries operations, this type of monitoring equipment has never been more crucial to the inshore fishing industry, whether from an environmental, conservation or regulatory point of view.

“The SC2 system is proven, mature technology that we know provides the usability, reliability and technical specifications that our customers need, and with it being a small, sleek one box option, it is easy to transport and install on board, whether on the wheel house or pole mounted on the mast.

“It gathers all the information that users both on the water and onshore need to fully document what is happening in our inshore waters, a task which has become even pressing since the UK’s exit from the EU.

“Securing accreditation from the MMO opens the door to a wide range of potential new clients and business growth opportunities, and being the only company in the north of England to reach the required standard is an extra feather in our cap.

“We’re confident that the whole package of proven technology, adaptable services, software engineering, connectivity and excellent customer service that we offer makes our system the best on the market.

“Our aim now is to maximise the commercial opportunities that the MMO accreditation gives us with new and existing clients right across the UK and beyond.”

To learn more about Succorfish and their official MMO accredited I-VMS click on the logo above.

succorfish mmo official i-vms


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