Steady and well on the NVG herring and mackerel gets a little boost off the Mørekysten in week 45 reports Norges Sildesalgslag

Steady and well on the NVG herring and mackerel gets a little boost off the Mørekysten in week 45 reports Norges Sildesalgslag

Steady and well on the NVG herring, the mackerel got a little boost off the Mørekysten, reports Norges Sildesalgslag’s Communication Advisor Camilla Klævold for week 45 of 2022.

Catches of NVG herring dropped in week 45 but despite this fishing remained steady. Mackerel catches were also down a little on the previous week, but the Norwegian boats were catching mackerel of 500 grams on average.

Reporting on the week’s fishing, Camilla says:

NVG herring
Fishing for NVG herring has also been good this week and well over 36,000 tonnes have been recorded in the log. The largest entries came early in the week and Tuesday was the best day with well over 9,800 tonnes entered. Of the week’s quantity, purse seines contributed 17,805 tonnes, coastal 15,431 tonnes and trawl 2,340 tonnes. 12,200 tonnes of the week’s quantity have been used for flour and oil.

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Fishing in the north has taken place both inside the fjords and out in the sea. On Wednesday this week, the Directorate of Fisheries also opened up the fjord lines in the Lyngenfjord for all coastal vessels regardless of length. The size of the herring is on average around 300 grams.

The first boats have started well and we expect even more pressure in Kvænangen in the coming week. 13 vessels have so far started lock fishing.

The mackerel fishing got a little upswing on the Mørekysten this week at Storegga and we had some good catches of large and nice mackerel of around 500 grams on average. Towards the end of the week, stormy weather came and the boats had to stop fishing, this week, on the other hand, the weather is better so we hope for more catches from the area outside Møre.

A number of foreign mackerel catches have also been registered. These are mainly fished east and south-east of Shetland. The mackerel in this area averages around 360-390 grams. In the coming week, it looks like the foreign fleet may be somewhat affected by bad weather.

In total, well over 14,000 tonnes of mackerel have been registered in the journal this week.

North Sea herring
There are a couple of boats that have fished for North Sea herring 80-90 nm east of Peterhead this week as well, and 1,945 tonnes have been registered in the journal.

There have been two or three boats in activity on Kanten this week and 507 tonnes of blue whiting, 5 tonnes of horse mackerel, 20 tonnes of stream herring and 100 tonnes of pollock have been registered.

Sea sprat
Two foreign vessels have delivered a total of 1,368 tonnes of sprat this week. The catches have been taken east of Newcastle.

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Steady fishing on NVG herring reports Norges Sildesalgslag in week 45

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