Norges Sildesalgslag reports slower fishing in NVG in Week 48 but other pelagic fisheries remain steady

Norges Sildesalgslag reports slower fishing in NVG in Week 48 but other Norwegian pelagic fisheries remain steady

The NVG Herring fishery for the Norwegian fleet experienced a drop-off in catch size and fish size last week, Week 48 of 2021.

“We saw a sharp decline in the quantity of NVG herring this week, some catches of North Sea herring and some horse mackerel in the south-west of Norway. In addition, three sea sprat catches were received,” says by Roar Bjånesøy of Norges Sildesalslag.

Norges Sildesalslag reports:


NVG Herring
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NVG herring fishing, when mainly fishing on Kvænangen, is what has characterised everyday life at the sales table at the Norwegian Herring Sales Association also this week. But here it is noticeable that the activity has decreased, many boats have finished their quotas. Among the direct seafarers, there are now only a few boats with a residual quota beyond what can be flexed over to next year, while among the fleet that locks in, there are a number of boats with a quota left. Now there are probably some of these boats with quotas that do not have, or will not have, to participate in the fishing this autumn. The remaining quota for the coast shows 19,167 tonnes, but of this, 11,784 tonnes is flex of next year’s quota.

As mentioned, we see that there is a marked decrease in the quantity fished, 7,225 tonnes have been reported this week against almost 28,000 tonnes last week.

The direct netters account for 4,100 tonnes distributed over 3,335 tonnes in the north, 160 tonnes on Trøndelag / Møre and 605 from a Faroese boat. 14 different boats have fished in the north while five boats have participated in the southern area.

Only lock-setting fishing has taken place in the Kvænangen area. From this group, 111 catches totalling 3,125 tonnes have been reported. 21 boats, some with co-fishermen, have participated.

The catches have been delivered to guide boats that have gone to Nergård Sild AS in Senjahopen, Lofoten Viking AS on Værøy and Grøntvedt Pelagic AS on Uthaug.


North Sea herring

Four Norwegian vessels have been out looking for North Sea herring this week. Eight catches totalling almost 870 tonnes are the reward. Of this, 50 tonnes have been delivered to M / O. In addition, a foreign vessel had 30 tonnes of North Sea herring as an interference in an eye catch. The size of the herring ranges from 160 to 252 grams.


Mackerel / horse mackerel

Of mackerel, three catches have been taken for consumption, two locked and one directly hauled. A total of just over 30 tonnes. The catches were taken in Bømlo municipality. In addition, just over 20 tonnes have been delivered for indirect consumption. These 20 tonnes have been taken by the “sea fleet” in connection with other fisheries.

Eleven consumer catches of horse mackerel have been taken, a total of approx. 190 tons. The catches were taken in Karmsund, Tysvær. / Sveio area. In addition, a catch of 10 tonnes was taken from a vessel that was fishing for North Sea herring on the Viking Bank.


Sea sprat

Two foreign vessels have reported sea sprat this week, 1620 tonnes in total. 630 tonnes have been delivered to M / O, while approx. 1000 tonnes are on their way to consumer reception. The last two catches were taken just off the coast of the Netherlands. The size is from 78 to 85 pcs. pr. kg.


Coastal sprat

This week, a catch of 25 tonnes of coastal sprat has been reported. The fish had an average size of 50 pcs. pr. kg. and fished in the Inner Skagerrak.


 Industrial fish

In industrial fishing, two Norwegian boats have reported catches this week. In addition, we have received Norway pout catch from a Danish vessel and as mentioned earlier, a sea sprat catch. The total weekly quantity for the Norwegian boats is 560 tonnes of blue whiting, 50 tonnes of herring and approx. 25 tons of Norway pout.

In addition to the two boats that have been on the edge, a Norwegian vessel is fishing for blue whiting in the Faroese zone.

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