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Síldavrinnslan has reported that the mackerel fishing for Icelandic vessels has slowed down as the fish move East. Photo: Helgi Freyr Ólason

Síldavrinnslan hf has reported that mackerel fishing in Smugunn has now slowed down despite the Icelandic vessels being on good numbers over the weekend.

Fishing activity has decreased due to the fish in that area migrating into  the Norwegian and Faroese jurisdiction and out of the range of the Icelandic fleet who were already travelling a long distance to the grounds. In this situation, the fleet was using a co-opting system for bringing their catches to port.

Few Icelandic vessels are now on the fishing grounds because most went to port with good catches. Bjarni Ólafsson AK is landing 1,100 tons in Neskaupstaður and Börkur NK unloaded with 1,660 tons. Beitir NK left Smuguna with 1,800 tons to the port in Fuglafjörður in the Faroe Islands and Margrét EA with 1,200 tons to Kollafjörður which is also in the Faroe Islands.

Síldavrinnslan writes “The mackerel that ships are getting is a good raw material for processing. It is either whole frozen, decapitated or filleted.”

The website spoke to Hjörvar Hjálmarsson, captain of Berkir, this morning and first asked what the ship had fished during the fishing trip. “We fished 2,130 tons in this fishing trip in 28 hours. That’s pretty good. The catch was obtained in five hauls, but we put the catch from the first haul on board the Bait. This is the finest mackerel, but it is a bit smaller than it has been. These are mostly 380-400 grams of fish. It was nice fishing weather on the fishing grounds but it is certainly a bit boring to go far. The mackerel in the area we were in was sinking into Norwegian and Faroese waters, but it was also fishing good catches a little north. Of course, people hope that mackerel will enter Icelandic jurisdiction, but people do not give themselves much time to search while it is in Smugunn,” says Hjörvar.

Source: Síldavrinnslan hf

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Síldavrinnslan reports mackerel fishing slows down for Icelandic vessels

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