Tim Donovan is retiring from the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) according to sources, just over seven-months after his appointment

Tim Donovan is retiring from the SFPA according to sources, just over seven-months after his appointment

Tim Donovan is retiring from the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority, just over seven-months after being appointed to the three-person executive that leads the regulation of Ireland’s sea-fisheries and the sea-food production sectors.

Mr Donovan was appointed by former Chair of the SFPA, Dr Susan Steele when he joined from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the US government agency that conserves and manages coastal and marine ecosystems and resources including fisheries, where he was Assistant Director of NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement Northeast Enforcement Division, covering the territory from Canada to North Carolina and including the Great Lakes region.  Mr. Donovan joined the SFPA in late June 2021, after the news of his appointment was made the previous April.

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Announcing Mr. Donovan’s appointment, Dr Steele said that his extensive experience and expertise in resource law enforcement would be a considerable asset to the organisation and was handed the responsibility was to oversee Fisheries Operations.

At the time of the announcement Dr Steele said “Continuous improvement of our compliance assessment capabilities is a key priority for the SFPA and an area where we have devoted considerable effort and resources in recent years. Tim will continue this work to focus and enhance SFPA operations to end overfishing, protect marine resources and ensure seafood safety through fair and effective promotion and enforcement of the laws and regulations under our remit.”

In an email received today by The Fishing Daily, the news of his departure was made by an SFPA representative who said:

“It is with disappointment that I am informing you that Tim Donovan has chosen to retire his position as an SFPA Authority member. Tim has made this decision to spend more quality time with his family in West Cork. Tim brought tremendous energy to our organisation and his experience and commitment had a very positive impact on the SFPA. He will be missed.

“The Authority Chair will be working closely with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and the Public Appointments Service to ensure that the two current Authority vacancies will be filled as soon as possible.”

by Oliver McBride

Brian J McMullin Solicitors
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SFPA’s Tim Donovan retiring from position seven-months after appointment

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