The missing fisherman was onboard the 'Langenes' which was operating in the Barents Sea. Photo: Fiskebat

The missing fisherman was onboard the ‘Langenes’ which was operating in the Barents Sea. Photo: Fiskebat

An extensive search operation has been underway in the Barents Sea since yesterday evening, Tuesday 15 November, for a missing fisherman.

A fisherman from the freezer trawler ‘Langenes’  is missing northwest of Børnøya in the Barents Sea and it is believed he went overboard.

The main rescue centre (HRS) was notified at 1953 on Tuesday evening and an extensive search for the missing person was immediately launched. According to HRS, the situation is demanding and there is a westerly gale in the area in question.

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The trawler ‘Langenes’ is owned by the company Bluewild in Ålesund, where a crisis team was established in Ålesund on Tuesday evening, with the municipal emergency team also involved.

“The next of kin have been notified and are now being looked after by professionals. Boat and crew continued to participate in the search for the missing person and will go into Tromsø when the search operation is finished. There they will be met by representatives from the management team,” says Tore Roaldsnes, daily manager at Bluewild.

Photo: Norwegian HRS

There is a crew of 20 people on board the ‘Langenes’.

KV Barentshav is coordinating the sea search with 11 fishing vessels, 10 Norwegian and one Russian. Rescue helicopters from Svalbard and SAR Queen from Banak have searched from the air. They are now trying to make use of the daylight.

This morning Wednesday 16 November, rescuse centre manager Thomas Ringen toled Norwegian fishing magazine, Fiskeribladet that the search has been unsuccessful so far.

The Chief of Police in the Nordland police district, in consultation with the Northern Norway Central Rescue Center and the local rescue centers in Troms and Møre and Romsdal, respectively, decided this morning that the rescue operation will continue until further notice.

“There is a slight breeze from the west in the search area, and the air temperature is 4 degrees,” reports the resuce centre in Northern Norway (HRS).

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Search ongoing for missing fisherman in the Barents Sea

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