kambur missing fishermen search

The Manager of MRCC Tórshavn has confirmed the search for the two fishermen missing after the sinking of the ‘Kambur’ has been scaled-back. Photo: in.fo

The search for two missing fishermen from the sunken Faroese longliner ‘Kambur’ FD 454 has been scaled-back, according to the Manager of MRCC Tórshavn, Edvard Bjarnason.

The two missing men from the vessel, aged 47 and 57 respectively, were part of a 16-man crew onboard the vessel. It was reported by the Faroese media outlet in.fo that the 45.6-metre fishing boat encountered a violent squall on Tuesday morning, causing such a severe list that the ship eventually sank later that morning.

The incident occurred around 07:45 on Tuesday morning, 06 February, approximately 17 nautical miles southwest of Akraberg, the southernmost point of the Faroe Islands. The skipper quickly contacted the rescue services for assistance as the vessel already had a significant list at the time.

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The wind speed in the area at the time of the accident was around 12-metres per second, with waves reaching approximately six metres in height.

A rescue helicopter arrived shortly afterward at the location and picked up the first 13 crew members from the ship’s side, where they were due to the vessel’s list. They were flown to Suðuroy, where they were transported to the local hospital. However, the helicopter had to leave one man on the ship’s side, as it could not accommodate more.

The helicopter returned to pick up the man left on the sinking ship, but due to very poor weather conditions, it took a relatively long time to rescue him from the ship’s side. However, it was eventually successful.

Subsequently, the helicopter and several ships in the area focused on the search for two missing crew members. The boats included the Icelandic pelagic boats Hoffell SU and Bardi NK, the Irish pelagic trawler Sheanne SO 715, and the Russian 104.5 -metre trawler Lazurny. The search continued on Wednesday, but the searchers were unsuccessful.

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The Irish fishing vessel, Sheanne took part in the search for the two missing fishermen

A British P-8 military plane is participating in the search, as well as a Challenger aircraft from the Danish defence. Both planes are equipped with specialised equipment for this purpose.

This afternoon the Faroe Island Search and Rescue Services confirmed to The Fishing Daily that the search had been scaled-back. Edvard Bjarnason said:

“After two days intensive search with ships, helo and aircraft, the search today is limited. We have one coast guard vessel on scene. Unfortunately, we have not able to locate the two missing persons.”

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