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Scottish companies, Denholm Seafoods, The Don Fishing Company and Seafood Ecosse, collaborate to create a new company, Trinity Seafoods Ltd

Three major players in the Scottish seafood sector – Denholm Seafoods, The Don Fishing Company and Seafood Ecosse – have collaborated to create a new fully integrated business focused on the processing of Scottish whitefish.

The new business, Trinity Seafoods Ltd, will utilise new state-of-the-art machinery and facilities to process smaller-sized and underutilised sustainable stocks of whitefish, including haddock. 

Trinity Seafoods’ operation will be based in Peterhead in newly refurbished premises and will offer a solution for the processing of smaller-sized whitefish, benefiting the local and wider economy and making best-use of a sustainable resource.

In a highly automated process, fresh landed whitefish will be filleted by a specially designed processing line for handling smaller sizes of whitefish species. The business will be able to offer a range of fresh and frozen fish fillets and portions for retail and wholesale as well as offering products for value added ranges across UK, European and international markets.

The three partner companies offer different benefits and skillsets to ensure an integrated operation throughout the supply chain process. The Don Fishing Company and Denholm Group already invest in a large number of UK whitefish vessels, with Denholm Group also being a major processor in global pelagic markets with a vast experience of machine processed pelagic fish, freezing and logistics. Seafood Ecosse is a whitefish and shellfish processor and exporter based in Peterhead and Fraserburgh, offering a strong track record of whitefish processing and marketing expertise.

Richard Duthie, Managing Director of Denholm Seafoods, said: “It is great to see the Scottish seafood sector collaborating to create this new venture that will benefit fishermen and processers, and ensure best use is made out of smaller sizes of sustainably caught whitefish.”

Bill McKenzie, Managing Director of The Don Fishing Company, said: “This exciting new initiative will provide fishermen with a viable outlet for catches of smaller-sized whitefish and provides a solution to ensure their sustainable use.”

David Leiper, Managing Director of Seafood Ecosse, said: “This collaboration is an excellent example of how companies can work together for the greater good and develop markets for fish landing into Scotland. The new company and equipment offer direct benefits for the fishing and processing sectors and will boost many support businesses in the supply chain.”

It is anticipated that Trinity Seafoods will become fully operational later in 2024, with the facility being both BRC and FDA certified. The purchase of the new automated fish processing equipment received 50% grant support from the Scottish Government’s Marine Fund Scotland.


Source: Press Release


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