Important safety Information on Conduct of Naval Manoeuvres russian naval exercise is&wfpo Russian Navy to hold exercises 240 kilometres off the southwest coast of Ireland which is in international waters but within the Irish EEZ

Russia has confirmed they will move their planned naval exercise to be held between 03-08 February outside of Ireland’s EEZ

The Russian Embassy has confirmed their country’s planned naval exercise to be held between 03-08 February will be moved outside of Ireland’s EEZ

In a press release the Russian Ambassador Yuriy Filatov gave confirmation on the decision.

The letter said, “In response to the requests from the Irish government as well as the Irish South and West Fish Producer’s Organisation the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu has made a decision as a gesture of goodwill, to relocate the exercises by the Russian Navy, planned for February 3-8, outside the Irish exclusive economic zone (EEZ), with the aim not to hinder fishing activities by Irish fishing vessels in the traditional fishing areas.”

The Russian Navy were set to hold military exercises 240 kilometres southwest off Ireland next week but without any intervention by the Irish government, a meeting on Thursday in the Russian Embassy between the Russian Ambassador and representatives from the Irish fishing industry resulted in Russian Ministry of Defence’s decision to move the controversial exercises out of the Irish EEZ.

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Although the original area picked by the Russians was not in traditional Irish fishing grounds there was a fear by members of the Irish South and West Fish Producer’s Organisation that fish stocks could be damaged and concerned that they would be forced away from the area for the days the exercise was in operation.

After the meeting, Irish South and West Fish Producer’s Organisation CEO, Patrick Murphy, and Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association CEO, Brendan Byrne said the Russian Ambassador had taken onboard their concerns, and in a joint statement said, “Both the fishing vessels and the Russian Navy can co-exist for the duration of these exercises at safe distance apart while both go about their respective tasks and routines.”

The Russian naval exercise will begin this week on Thursday, 03 February.

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