Norway has announced its regulation on fishing Norwegian spring-spawning herring for 2023

Norway has announced its regulation on fishing Norwegian spring-spawning herring for 2023. Photo: Sildesalgslag/Roar Bjånesøy

The Norwegian Ministry for Trade and Fisheries has set out the Regulation for Norwegian spring-spawning herring for the fishery in 2023.

In the coastal state negotiations on Norwegian spring-spawning herring (NVG herring) earlier this autumn, the coastal states agreed that the total quota for 2023 will be set at 511,171 tonnes. Norway has decided to carry on the Norwegian part of 76 percent of the total quota (TAC), and the Norwegian quota for 2023 will thus be 383,704 tonnes.

Of the Norwegian quota, 406 tonnes are allocated to recruitment quotas (old scheme), 1000 tonnes to the recruitment quota bonus scheme (new scheme), 890 tonnes to research and teaching purposes, 500 tonnes to bait quotas and 2000 tonnes to the open group for coastal vessels.

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The distribution key for Norwegian spring-spawning herring, which was introduced in line with the Storting’s decision when processing the quota notification in 2020, and which has now acted as the distribution key for nvg herring in 2021 and 2022, will be continued in 2023.

The distribution key is 49 percent to purse seine, 10 per cent to trawl and 41 percent to coast. The agreement from 2009 on quota swaps between the purse seiner and trawl group for NVG herring and mackerel will continue as before.

“We must reconsider the Storting’s decision from 2020 and the guidelines that were made on the distribution key until we have a new decision to rely on,” says Fisheries and Oceans Minister Bjørnar Skjæran.

The provision for the open group of 2,000 tonnes will also be deducted from the total quota in 2023.

Developments in fishing for coastal vessels under 15 metres show that quota utilisation is good, and the degree of over-regulation will continue at 10 percent.

Source: Press Release

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Regulation of fishing for Norwegian spring-spawning herring in 2023

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