A positive start to the new year for the Norwegian pelagic fleet with NVG catches from herring fleet and mackerel from foreign vessels

A positive start to the new year for the Norwegian pelagic fisheries with NVG catches from herring fleet and mackerel from foreign vessels. Photo: Norges Sildesalgslag

A positive start to the new year and in the coming week we expect it to be a little calmer with catches mainly from the larger fleet fishing for NVG herring and from foreign vessels for mackerel, writes Camilla Klævold of Norges Sildesalgslag.

There has been good availability of herring in the New Year and with a large cast of around 200 tonnes, most of the lock netters have finished at Kvænangen.

NVG herring
The first week of the year started very well for the 15 metres and Wednesday came out as the best day with 1,160 tonnes locked up. In other words, the fishery continued where it left off in Reisafjorden with good availability of herring. The full moon made fishing a bit more challenging in the second half of the week when the herring were much deeper. But after good herring observations from the direct fishermen in Kvænangen, the smaller fleet also moved in here.

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With good casts of around 200 tonnes, most lock setters have finished their herring quotas this week and some are planning to take the remaining quantity in the autumn. In total, well over 4,000 tonnes of NVG herring are locked up during the first week of the year.

The year has also started well for the direct fishermen who have caught over 15,000 tonnes of NVG herring this week. As bad weather had been reported for the weekend, several vessels gathered, but when the weather cleared, the fishery picked up speed and Friday and Saturday came out as the best days for direct catch with 4,300 and 8,500 tonnes registered respectively.

On the night of Saturday and the night of Sunday it blew up to a gale and with minus 10 on the scale there were a few hours of ice pounding for the fishermen.

A total of 19,255 tonnes of fine NVG herring have thus been registered during the first week of the year, somewhat more than last year’s 17,000 tonnes. Last year, the lock setters only got to fish for a few days before the storm came and took the herring with them.

The foreign fleet has got off to a good start with mackerel fishing this week and has been fishing in the areas around Shetland. Catches have been recorded west and south-west of Lerwick. A total of 5,810 tonnes is registered in the record.

Horse mackerel
In the south of the country, the lock netters have mainly been busy with horse mackerel this week and a total of 127 tonnes have been locked from areas around Os and south to Karmøy. In addition, 80 tonnes of direct catch have been registered this week.

Coastal sprat
From the Oslofjord and Trondheimsfjord, a total of 237 tonnes of coastal sprat have been recorded this week.

A vessel started the new year on Kanten with mixed fishing and caught 125 tonnes of blue whiting, 15 tonnes of Norway pout, 70 tonnes of argentines and 15 tonnes of horse mackerel.

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