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Peterhead Port Authority says there will be temorary sea defences put in place at the fishing port

Peterhead Port Authority has made an announcement in regards to the erection of temorary sea defences at the UK’s largest fishing port.

The Authority has confirmed that a temporary sea defence consisting of a series of containers is to be erected in front of Peterhead Fish Market.

Early this year Peterhead Port Authority awarded a contract to bolster the sea defences along the seaward side of Alexandra Parade, with the work due to take place during the spring and summer.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the enforced lockdown from late March, the window of opportunity for this work has passed and the project has been deferred until the spring of 2021 at the earliest.

In the meantime, to ensure that the fish market buildings, loading bays and market forecourt are protected from hostile winter weather, from early September the 12m x 6m containers will be placed adjacent to the roadway. They will be strengthened and infilled with aggregates prior to being put in place.

Walkway signage will be visible, ensuring safety and security for all users while allowing for social distancing to be maintained at all times.

Simon Brebner, PPA chief executive, said: “The objective of this temporary sea defence measure is to ensure business continuity throughout the coming winter months.

“The containers will be removed once we obtain the green light for the project to be reinstated.

“We ask for your cooperation, patience and understanding during this period.”

Please note that the muster point shall continue to be the main car park and signage will be erected on the container wall to inform pedestrians of the safest route to this area.

Pedestrian barriers will be erected at each end of the container wall for approximately 6-8m to improve visibility and perception of pedestrian and traffic presence. A speed limit of 10mph will apply on approach to the container wall.peterhead port authority fishing

Source: Peterhead Port Authority

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Peterhead Port Authority announces Temporary Sea Defences

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