The Norwegian sandeel fleet has four week to catch over 128,000 tonnes of remaining quota.

The Norwegian sandeel fleet has now landed 121,304 of their 250,000 tonne quota with only four weeks left until the close of the 2020 season.

With 128,696 left to catch, Norges Sildesalgslag is reporting a good season so far for catch number and the quality of the sandeels being landed. Last week was an especially good week for the fleet.

“We got the best sandeels of the year with a full 28,500 tonnes in the journal. This is from 33 catches with quantities from 275 tonnes as the lowest, to 1,770 tonnes as the largest catch. We had the biggest day’s quantity on Friday with 8,900 tonnes registered,” writes the Organisation.

As in previous weeks, fishing has been carried out on several grounds, where at the beginning of the week one mainly switched between Inner Shoal and the West Bank. Throughout the week there was good fishing on Outer Shoal and the fleet gathered here Friday and Saturday. On Sunday and a handful of boats trawled on Klondyke where main fishing took place last year.

“The fact that there are seals in several fields is in good agreement with the researchers’ observations, and it is important to get a spread on the fleet so that there are not too many boats in one field, “ notes Sildesalgslag.

“We are barely halfway there. With four weeks left of the fishing season, we depend on weekly quantities with an average of over 32,000 t to reach the finish.  

“Regardless of the outcome of how much is being fished, we can already determine that this year’s sandeel season will be the best value ever. Fjord Year’s record of 370 million has already been set as prices so long this year are around 20% higher than last year at the same time. So we’ve probably already raised 415 million, which is welcome for both the fleet and the industry,” writes the Organisation. 

All of this year’s sandeel landing, apart from three, have been sold to Norwegian fishmeal/oil factories from Egersund to Møre. 

Sildesalgslag finished by saying “We are crossing our fingers for good fishing in the coming week with good conditions.”

Source: Norges Sildesalgslag

Norwegian Sandeel Fleet has landed over 121,000t of 250,000t quota

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